I used to make homemade yoghurt with a process which required heating the milk and straining the milk, which all became quite time consuming and created a lot of washing up.  I have since discovered a much easier way to make homemade yoghurt, the hands on prep time is about 5 minutes!  This process might not suit purists because it uses milk powder rather than fresh milk, but I find it an excellent process which yields excellent results.  Using this method you can provide fresh yoghurt for your family at a fraction of the cost of bought yoghurt.  The other great benefit is that your yoghurt will be brimming with probiotics which will be fresher than any you can buy.


I find that using a thermos like yoghurt maker works really well, they can be purchased for around $30, or you can probably pick one up second hand. This is one of those outlays which is really an investment which will pay for itself in no time if your family likes yoghurt.  The average 1 kg tub of yoghurt is around $5.00, but with this method a tub of natural yoghurt will cost around $1.00.  If your family likes flavoured yoghurt you can mix in a little honey or jam to create a variety of flavours.  I tend to transfer some yoghurt into little containers and mix a little homemade jam in to create individual pots of flavoured yoghurt. The other great thing about this yoghurt recipe is that you only need to purchase a small tub of natural yoghurt to begin the process, after that you save a small amount of natural yoghurt from each new batch to use as the culture for the next batch.



  • 3 tbsps natural yoghurt
  • cold water to fill yoghurt maker container (roughly 900 mls)
  • 1 1/2 cups full cream milk powder



  1. Fill yoghurt maker container half full with cold water
  2. Place milk powder into yoghurt container
  3. Mix milk powder and water with a fork to combine
  4. Place yoghurt into a cup
  5. Add a bit of the “milk mixture” to the cup
  6. Combine with a fork to smooth out most of the lumps
  7. Pour the yoghurty milk mix into the milk mix and stir
  8. Fill yoghurt container to the top with cold water, mix again with a fork
  9. Place lid on yoghurt container
  10. Fill yoghurt maker thermos part with boiling water and place yoghurt container inside
  11. Put thermos lid on and leave the yoghurt for 8-12 hours to culture
  12. Once cultured (will look nice and solid like greek yoghurt) store in fridge for up to two weeks


Enjoy fresh yoghurt at a fraction of the cost of bought yoghurt!