It seems that the task of looking after our homes is much maligned these days. In by-gone eras caring for a family and taking charge of the organisation of the home was a well respected vocation. In my experience we seem to undervalue this role today. The strange thing is, that in every other field of endeavour we celebrate hard work and diligence, but in this area, the common attitude is one of disdain.
Looking back on the period of raising my children, I am so thankful that I had some more mature women in my life who encouraged me that what I was doing as a home-maker counted. I remember one friend telling me that my home was warm and inviting, and that single comment encouraged me so much. At that time, I was in the thick of busy family life, with seemingly never-ending washing, folding, cooking, cleaning as well as all those other countless jobs mums do, and that bit of encouragement went a long way.

Time for a cup of tea between jobs!
Time for a cup of tea between jobs!

So if you are in the period of life where you are raising children, I would really encourage you to really focus on what an important job you are doing … raising the next generation. I would encourage you to throw yourself into your vocation and not spend those years wishing you were somewhere else. Running an organised home, spending time to keep things orderly is a real gift to your family. We all need order in our lives, especially children. When the outside world is chaotic and busy, how nice for your family to have a place of order and calm to come home to.

The never ending procession of washing on the clothes line!

I’m not suggesting you become a slave to having a “perfect” home, but just to keep up with things so your home is a place that you enjoy, rather than somewhere you want to escape from. I guess it was during the period when I had young children that I gradually started learning that procrastination was a real trap for me. I found that as I faced the jobs I least liked and got them over with, then I could enjoy the rest of the day so much more. With that said, I think tackling some mould in the shower screen track is on the agenda for me this week!!

Happy home-making!

These are the "Mother's Love" roses from my front garden.
These are the “Mother’s Love” roses from my front garden.