I have been noticing lately the frenetic pace that life seems to be going at for the vast majority of people. All the “time saving” devices seem to cause people to be able to juggle more and more and more into life. I use the term life loosely, because I really wonder how much of a life it really is? I am just wondering if we have lost the benefit of having some time to just contemplate, rather than having our minds racing continuously. If you are feeling tired or drained, maybe some down time doing some useful, but quieter activities would be of help.

DSC01075I know that housework seems to get a bad rap these days, but I find that time spent at home doing the jobs that need doing, is a great time to refresh. I quite enjoy having my mind to myself, while I dust or clean the bathroom. Not that I love cleaning or anything, but I do like living in a clean and organised space and I quite like the satisfaction of a job well done. The other great benefit of spending time at home doing those type of jobs is that you can use the time to think or pray, and I’m sure that helps keep me happier and healthier.

DSC01022So I would encourage you to think about how you spend your time, and really ask yourself some questions about why you do or don’t do things. Do you just fill everyday with activity for the sake of activity? Do you procrastinate doing the jobs that need doing and then feel a bit chaotic? Do you socialise so much that you don’t have a moment to yourself? Do you spend more time on your computer than you would really like to? Only you can answer these questions, but I would encourage you to do just that, so that you are actually making a choice about how you spend your time, rather than thinking you don’t have a choice. I really hope you can carve out some little segments of time to relax and think, and to enjoy some peace and quiet.DSC01206 (1024x680) (2)