Sadly, my mum passed away a few weeks ago so I have not been able to do any writing until now.  However, I thought I might get started again and remind all you mums out there what an important role you play in nurturing and raising your children.  I am so thankful to my mum for all the love she poured into us, and all the practical skills she taught us.  In a day and age when the role of mothers seems to be undervalued, I would like to encourage all the mums out there, young and old that mothering matters!

I found a funny thing next to my mum’s computer, she had printed out a number of my recipes from the blog and had written notes that she must try this and that recipe.  The funny thing is that many of the recipes were her original recipes that I picked up while cooking with her when I was  young.  So whether we are physically in one another’s lives or in a community through blogs, remember what a wonderful inspiration we can all be to one another.

So God bless all you mums and may you catch a glimpse of the awesome privilege and responsibility you have in nurturing your family.  Sometimes your job might seem thankless and mundane, but truly, where would we be without our mums.