I have recently had very first hand experience of the benefits of living within your means.  Homestead hubby had an accident which put him in hospital for a major operation followed by a long recovery at home.  Fortunately, we had been listening to the Dave Ramsay Total Money Makeover on audio book several months before this and had saved an emergency fund as Dave suggests. Jill at the prairie homestead had mentioned Total Money Makeover in her blog and that was the catalyst for me to listen to the audio book.  I am so thankful for the tip as it made a huge difference to us to be able to have an emergency fund ready when an emergency hit. I would encourage anyone who is dreaming of a simpler life, to just take the plunge and begin to get your finances in order.


People seem a bit resistant to the whole idea of having a written budget and really thinking realistically about their spending, but it truly is a wonderful gift to yourself to live within your means.  Really looking closely at how you spend your money and why is probably one of the keys to beginning to live the simple life.  You can begin to get a handle on your budget no matter what stage of life you are at and no matter where you live. The idea is not to become boring or a miser, but to really make informed decisions about your spending rather than mindlessly going along not questioning what you are spending your hard earned cash on.