I still find it amazing to see what a great variety and amount of food can be produced in a suburban back yard.  Today I gathered this lovely harvest of chillies, lemons, eggs and some lavender flowers and it is winter here on the NSW south coast!  The mandarin tree is loaded with fruit which will be ready in coming weeks and we are still picking spinach, broccoli, kale, endive, radish, oregano, celery and even have some tomatoes on some volunteer vines!  The tomatoes planted themselves and are growing well, they have quite large green fruit, so I have decided to just let them grow and see what happens.  I noticed today that there are four or five potato plants growing in the compost heap, so we’ll just let them go and we’ll have potatoes in there as well as compost!
DSC01022I’ll make some lemon cordial with the lemons I picked today, and will make some chilli beef with the last chillies for this season.  The beauty of chilli  plants is that they will last for a few seasons, and they seem to be very productive without much effort at all.  So I would encourage you to have a try at growing something productive in your back yard, you’ll be amazed at really how easy it is to grow a little of your own food.  Maybe start with a herb garden, a few herbs in a large pot will be a lovely and useful addition to any garden.