Last week I finally got around to doing a household job which I really dislike.  A young girl I know was asking if I had any odd jobs she could do to earn some pocket money, so I thought that was a great opportunity to get some help.  The job I got her to do was to wash the front doors of my kitchen cabinets.  That doesn’t sound too hard, but there is a routed pattern in the doors which is a bit of a pain to clean, so I tend to put it off until they look really yucky!  Well, it ended up being a win, win situation because I washed the top cupboards and she did the lower cupboards and they came up terrific!  It was wonderful to see a lovely young person so happy to work and do such a super job!  I was so happy with how good the kitchen looked and it only took us about 45 minutes.  I have made a note to myself to do these again in six months rather than putting it off!

After feeling so good about the kitchen cabinets, later in the week I decided to make a goal to tidy/clean one shelf of the pantry.  I figured if I broke the job up into to small chunks it would seem less daunting.  Sure enough my plan worked, I got on such a roll that I ended up doing the whole pantry in one session!  It felt so satisfying to reorganise and remove some of the clutter which inevitably seems to accumulate.  I was able to empty out some canisters which were unnecessary and thin out some other appliances etc. which rarely get used.  I have decided to do a bit of an overall declutter and maybe have a garage sale in a couple of months.  So this week I have been reminded how good it feels to get on top of those more mundane jobs, which can be easy to procrastinate about!   Here is the before photo of the pantry.


Here is the after photo, it might not seem spectacular to you but in person it really did look heaps better!