As you know from the content of my blog, I am passionately interested in cooking, home-making, caring for my family, gardening and all those other pursuits which roughly fall under the loose heading of “homesteading”. As much as all those parts of my life bring a certain amount of purpose and joy to my life, I would be lying if I told you that they are the ultimate purpose of my life, or that the fulfilment of my life is found in these things.

No, my ultimate fulfilment and purpose is found in my relationship with God, the maker of the heavens and the earth; through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. All these other things are lovely gifts from God, but without Him at the centre of my life, life would be empty.

If you have a nagging emptiness, that you just don’t seem to be able to put your finger on, and no amount of anything will satisfy, I would encourage you to seriously look into a relationship with Jesus. Read the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and really ask God to reveal the truth to you.

Here are some websites you may find helpful in your search for some answers, you may also find these websites encouraging if you are a Christian and want to grow in your faith. Sound biblical teaching is available at the websites listed below. I particularly enjoy listening to the audio teaching of Charles Stanley and Michael Youssef, while I do various tasks at home like ironing, cooking, and knitting.

Charles Stanley at Intouch Ministries

Michael Youssef at Leading the Way

Cliffe Knetchle at