I found myself in need of a doorstop recently and the thought came to me that I probably had everything I needed to make one on hand.  I went out to the garden shed and sure enough I found an old paver, I was looking for half a brick, but thought a whole paver would have to do.  I found a piece of old towel, which had recently been retired, after twenty years of service, a piece of left over fabric, pins, needle, thread and scissors and went to work.  Half an hour later, problem solved I had a lovely doorstop!  So I thought I’d share my method!


Place brick or paver on old piece of towel and cut to size, imagine you are wrapping a gift and cut towel accordingly.


I trimmed my piece of towel again to make the ends less bulky.


Wrap paver and then pin to hold (I actually trimmed these ends again because they were still a bit bulky).


Place wrapped paver on fabric and cut to size, leaving plenty of fabric so you can cover the paver easily, excess fabric is not such a problem since it won’t be bulky when folded.


Hand sew towel ends in place and remove pins.



Wrap paver in fabric as if wrapping a present, may have to fiddle a bit to get corners to sit neatly.



Remove pins which were holding ends and now place them to hold this side of the fabric down.



Do the same thing on the other side.



Fold raw edge under and pin in place.



Hand sew around the folded edges.



Voila, you’re done!



My lovely new doorstop, a bit plain but it does the job!  The laundry mat is also a recycled towel, I just cut off the ripped part and folded it over to make it double thickness. Then I sewed the two pieces together, turned it inside out and finished it off with a few patches to add a bit of colour.  It works really well because it is nice and easy to wash.