Maybe I’m a bit crazy, but I think there are few things as exciting as picking fresh produce from your own backyard!  We’ve been having some lovely harvests this week.  Finally we have grown some delicious corn, other times we’ve tried to grow it were less successful, but this time we hit the jackpot.  Fresh corn cooked a few minutes after picking is amazing, no doubt full of nutrients too!


We have also been enjoying lots of eggplant, chilli, lettuce, endive, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and tons of basil.  I have made several large batches of basil pesto and then frozen it in small amounts, for use throughout the year. I have also made salad almost everyday for months, with the greens from the garden and plenty of cucumber.  The cucumbers are just about finished now, but that is okay because we’ve eaten a truck load of them this summer.  Made plenty of tzatziki dip also.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a veggie garden, I hope this inspires you to get started, it really isn’t as difficult as you may think and the reward is fantastic.  By starting small, and gradually building up you will be amazed at what you can achieve over time.  Our garden contributes a huge amount to reducing our weekly grocery budget, and we are eating lovely fresh organic produce.  I tend to shape our meals around whatever is ready to harvest at the time.


Backyard chickens are another great source of produce, you really can’t go past fresh eggs!  Although chickens might cost a little to get set up, once you have them, they really pay for themselves.  If keeping chickens is on your wish list, I would really encourage you to work towards that goal, they’re great. What could be better than recycling weeds and kitchen scraps into fresh eggs and wonderful fertilizer for the garden.

DSC00440Well, I hope that encourages you to get started, it really is quite amazing what can be grown on a suburban block with minimal effort.