Some of the key components of our simple life include:

The desire to-

  •  Live within our means and not be buried in debt
  •  Grow some of our own food
  •  Learn new skills
  •  Make some of the gifts we give
  •  Make some of the household items we use, like soap and laundry liquid
  •  Keep some chickens
  •  Make our own compost
  •  Cook mainly from scratch
  •  Entertain ourselves with being creative
  •  Appreciate what we have, rather than spending our life chasing after new things
  •  Generate some of our power with solar panels
  •  Generate free hot water from the sun
  •  Collect rainwater in a tank

greensOur journey to this type of living probably began several years ago, but took a leap forward when we started a very small veggie garden seven years ago.  At that time I had never done any gardening at all, so we started very small.  As I had success with that tiny garden, we gradually increased to a larger garden, and then relocated the garden to another part of the yard, which could be fenced off from our vegetable loving dog!

DSC00201Eventually we added chickens, and through trial and error have worked out what type of chicken housing works best for us.  Over those seven years, I have gradually learned new skills, like making home made cleaning products and soap.  At first learning these new skills seemed daunting, but it has been amazing how one skill seems to build on another.

DSC00050Looking back it seems amazing what we have learned and what has become second nature.  It seems incredible when we harvest so much food from a small portion of our quarter acre block.  If you had asked me seven years ago I would never have thought it possible. So wherever you are on your journey to simple living, I would encourage you to just set some small goals and work toward one or two patiently, you’d be surprised what can be achieved a little at a time.