I guess simple living means different things to all of us, but for me there are some key ingredients. The top of my list would be slowing down long enough to examine your life and to think about why and how you do things. Is the urgent keeping you from ever thinking about the important? I would urge you to make yourself a cup of tea and sit down with a pen and paper and think about what will matter in 5 or 10 years time. Slowing down long enough to think about whether the latest purchase will buy peace of mind is a really powerful thing.

I was looking around our home today and noticed that the majority of our furniture is second hand. I was thinking about the financial freedom that has come from not having to have the latest of everything.

bench tea
 Slowing down has been a really important part of simplifying our life, taking time to actually think about purchases before we make them has been key. That goes for entertainment as well as more concrete purchases. Thousands of dollars a year can be saved just by being a little more savvy, with what you spend on entertainment and eating out. We have enjoyed some wonderful weekends that haven’t cost a cent extra than our regular budget. You’d be amazed how much entertainment can be found in your own home with a little creativity.

purple cupboard

Here’s some ideas

  •  Bake some muffins
  • Invite a friend or neighbour over for a cuppa
  • Make home made pizzas together
  • Do a garden project together
  • Do a craft project like card-making
  • Start knitting a small project like a face cloth
  • Enjoy a cosy morning in your PJs reading your favourite book
  • Try cooking a new recipe
  • Sit outside with your cup of tea and enjoy the view
  • Re organise a room or re arrange the furniture for a fresh lookbberry muffins