Knitting face cloths can be a simple and relaxing project for the beginner or seasoned homesteader. They are quick and easy to knit up, and make practical yet beautiful gifts.   Of course, they are very useful around your own home as well.  I like to use 100% Australian cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills in Victoria, Australia.   They have a great range of beautiful quality Australian cotton and wool, which is very reasonably priced. One 200g ball of cotton would make around 8 (or more) of my face cloths.

knitting Pattern

Using 4ply cotton and 4mm needles, cast on 46 stitches. Knit as many rows as required to make a square, then cast off. Thread in the ends, and then crochet 3 rows of single crochet around the edge. Thread in the ends and voila you’re done!face cloths